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I was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1964.
My mother said i was a happy baby and that´s why she named me "Felicia".
I was the middle child. One of 5 girls raised by her (Ann Marie Ford) in Toledo Ohio.
She insisted that we all learn a musical instrument. I, unlike the rest of my siblings had been drawn to the arts at the age of 9 when i wrote my first book of poetry, so to me it was a pleasure and an opportunity to express myself, not just something "mama-made-us-do".
She watched me carefully and when she noticed that I was serious, she started paying for me to have my first music lessons.
So I practiced, and practiced, and practiced.

I even ended up composing for the junior orchestra in my high school.
When I was 16, I was sent to Mexico to play with the Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra. I learned no spanish, but i did learn a lot about people, music and culture.
Even though I loved classical music, I was sure by the age of 18 I didn´t fit in the "Classical world" so i made a new career choice.
I joined the US army to become a Motion Picture Specialist, but continued to play my viola in wine cellars in San Fransisco.
After leaving the Army, I married Harald Heiselbetz, had two children (Denice and Tashan) and divorced.
Later I decided to revive my career. I went from writing songs for others to writing and singing for myself. I recorded my first CD "That´s all I want" in 1992. This was the beginning of my singing career.
I started working as a cook to support my children, but continued to look for opportunities to write songs for other artists and perform when ever I had the time.
As my children grew less dependent on me, I decided to try a career in music. I learned quickly that I had more opportunites to perform when doing cover songs, than just original so I decided to become a Cover Singer, but also performing some of my songs.......and it worked!
I prefer to sing soul, pop and gospel, but have learned to accommodate specific musical requirements, by stretching my style through many differnent areas: including, rock, pop, reggae, jazz and blues.

Since then I have had 1000 live performances, over 200 registered songs and made various contacts to studio producers, record companies, live clubs.

And now?

Now, my children are grown and I am still writing, performing, and will be producing my 4th CD within the next year!
If you are interested in hearing a demo from either of my projects, please write me and I will send it to you as mp3. If you are interested in buying any of my CDs please do the same.

Thanx for your time and remember... just doesn´t work without music!


Felicia Peters

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August 2010